About Us

Western Mineral Consultants is comprised of regular guys who grew up on farms in eastern Nebraska and north Texas.  We are also land and mineral owners just like you.

We’ve been working in the oil and gas business for well over 30 years.  Our resumes include stints as Exploration Manager of a medium sized independent Oil Company, Manager of Lands for an independent Oil Company, and Vice President of a $300mm privately held company.

We started as mineral buyers and now have mineral holdings in almost 130 counties in over sixteen states across the US.  We’ve been successfully and profitably managing our own mineral estate for over 30 years.  Oil & Gas producers on our holdings number in excess of eighty-five.  We are leasing and managing our own mineral rights on a daily basis.

We understand the risks and rewards associated with energy extraction, and we know how to contractually minimize those risks, protecting your land, water, and air, while maximizing your revenue.  We stay current on trends throughout the oil and gas industry, which you might have noticed is changing daily.  We are uniquely qualified to knowledgeably and skillfully negotiate a mineral lease with the oil and gas companies on your behalf – with the same or even more information than the land man at your door.

With our full-service approach, we are also able to assist if you decide to sell your mineral rights.  We will either develop an offer to buy them from you direct, or if your holdings are outside our target market, we can serve as your sales agent where we will market your oil and gas interests to over 400 qualified buyers.  Either way, you can rest assured you will be getting top dollar for your mineral rights.

Equally important, we require no retainers or high hourly fees.  Whether we negotiate your lease, or sell the mineral rights on your behalf, we get paid when you get paid.  Our compensation is strictly a small percentage of the money you receive.  If you receive nothing, we receive nothing.  This means our financial interests are in line with yours.

With our years of experience, access to information, and extensive buyer contact list, we strongly believe that we will be able to negotiate terms that clearly prove our value to you.

Please contact us today. You don’t have to take on the big oil companies by yourself.  Allow us at Western Mineral Consultants to provide the protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.