Buy Your Mineral Rights

Are you considering selling your mineral rights?  Let us help you decide whether selling is right for you.

At Western Mineral Consultants, we help owners of oil and gas mineral rights evaluate all their options.  If selling is right for you, we will help to convert your oil and gas royalty income into a one-time lump sum cash payment, instead of waiting for a check every month.

Our team of experts will guide you through the pros and cons of selling and will make the often complex procedure of selling your oil and gas royalties easy for you.

If acquiring your mineral rights fits within our business model, we will evaluate your property in a timely manner and will typically have an offer to you within 48 hours or less.  Should we reach an agreement on the sale price, then our goal is to have the paperwork taken are of and payment to you within a few days.

And remember, this is all at no cost to you.

However, if we find your mineral rights are outside our target market, don’t despair. Your mineral rights still have value.  We are happy to serve as your sales agent where we develop a plan to market your mineral rights for sale.  With our extensive network of contacts, we know how to find mineral rights buyers that are interested your mineral rights for sale.   Due to our exclusive relationship with the largest mineral rights acquisition auction in the country, we will present your interests to over 400 active buyers in a competitive bid environment.  Learn more. 

Give us a call today at 719-362-0120 to request a FREE, no obligation offer, or for your convenience we provide online methods to contact us.  Let us provide you with the answers to all your questions so you can make the best decision for you.

We have answers to your questions!