Louisiana State Oil and Gas References


The regulation of the state’s oil and gas resources are handled by the Office of Conservation and the Office of Mineral Resources, both within the Department of Natural Resources.

The Office of Conservation handles the conserving and regulating of oil, gas and lignite resources within the state. More specifically, their job is to regulate the exploration and production of oil, gas and other hydrocarbons and lignite; to monitor and regulate energy supplies and the distribution channels; to protect the public and the environment from oilfield practices, including but not limited to regulation of disposal practices and underground injection.

The Office of Mineral Management manages state owned mineral resources and works with the State Mineral and Energy Board to efficiently administer the granting and revenue optimization of leases on state owned lands.

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Another good reference is the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association website

Louisiana Oil & Gas Association

Previously known as Louisiana Independent Oil & Gas  Association, LOGA was founded in 1992 to represent the independent producers and service companies in the oil and gas industry in Louisiana. Their primary goal is to provide the industry with a working environment that will enhance the industry. LOGA services its members by creating incentives for Louisiana’s oil & gas industry, fighting tax increases, changing existing burdensome regulations, and educating the public and government of the importance of the oil and gas industry in the state of Louisiana.

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