Montana State Oil and Gas References


Regulation of the oil and gas industry in Montana falls upon the Montana Board of Oil & Gas Commission.

The Board’s regulatory oversight fall under three categories:

(1)        To prevent waste of oil & gas resources

(2)        To conserve oil & gas by encouraging maximum efficient recovery of the resource.

(3)        To protect the correlative rights of the mineral owner.

The Board also works to prevent oil and gas operations from harming nearby surface and underground resources, as well as repairing or plugging old, abandoned, or problematic wells.

Lastly, the MBOGC has primary regulatory jurisdiction over the Underground Injection Control Program for Class II injection or disposal wells.

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Another good reference is the Montana Petroleum Association website:

Montana Petroleum Association

The MPA is a voluntary, non-profit trade association of  oil and natural gas producers, pipeline and gathering companies, refineries, industry service providers, and consultants. They strive to maintain a positive business climate for the petroleum industry in Montana.

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