Lease Negotiation Services

It’s as simple as this: “We’ve got your back.”

We know the questions to ask, the places to go for answers, and the paths to a more profitable, equitable agreement for you.

Whether you have just been approached by an energy company, or are near the point of signing a contract, talk to us before proceeding any further.  You might be leaving money on the table that the oil and gas company is happy to keep.

It’s highly likely the oil and gas lease brokers wrote the contract you’ve been offered to sign.  It protects the interest of the oil company adequately because they have attorneys to assure that, but what about your interests?  Have your concerns been addressed in writing and included in the contract?  Who is looking out for you — your land — your water — even your family’s livelihood?

Western Mineral Consultants will make sure that contractual terms are clear and remedies are clearly stated so that your rights are protected to the maximum extent possible.

We recognize that to accomplish the goal of safe, profitable, energy extraction, mineral owners must work in cooperation with the oil companies.  We’re not out to “get” big oil.  We know that for you to see the benefits of a well-crafted lease agreement, the oil companies have to achieve their goals.  We know because we lease mineral rights we personally own to some of the same companies knocking on your door.  We’ve been down this road before, and with our help you too can contractually ensure adequate oversight is present to minimize risks to your land, water, and livestock while maximizing your revenue.

Here’s what we’ll do for you:

  • Research lease, permit, and production information in your area to ensure we have a complete, up to date, understanding of the activity surrounding your interests
  • Negotiate all oil and gas lease terms including bonus, rental, lease duration, and royalties to maximize your revenue
  • Negotiate all surface damage clauses to maintain your control over surface use issues while protecting your land, water, and air quality
  • Negotiate right of way terms for pipelines and roads and any trespass fees
  • Negotiate all lease addendums
  • Consult with expert counsel regarding oil and gas matters, as we deem necessary, at cost, but only with your written approval
  • Present the negotiated contract/lease to you and walk you through the pros and cons of the agreement
  • Provide our comments and suggestions, however you make the final decision to execute the lease or not.  You are always in control.


With years of experience managing our own mineral estate we understand that successful business relationships are based upon trust and mutual benefit.  Because of this, our mineral rights negotiation services are free to you until we negotiate a lease agreement that you deem acceptable.  When that happens, we benefit with a small percentage of what we negotiate on your behalf.  No retainer fees, no exorbitant hourly fees, just simple terms that we mutually agree to at the outset of our partnership.

You want a partner who has experience, access, and the successful track record to prove our worth. That’s Western Mineral Consultants.  Contact us today, we’re here to help.